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Woodside School students protesting the construction of I-280, ca 1955 (w/Steve behind girl with sign)

Highway Dept planning document showing 280 route next to Crystal Springs Reservoir and through the Glens

The current housing mandates are not the first change dictated by the State.

I am running for Woodside Town Council to enhance appreciation of Woodside’s history and to create a vision for its future.   We can preserve the Town’s special qualities by shaping how changes affect the Town.

The rapidly changing world will not pass by Woodside. We must envision a future where the effects of increasing traffic, housing inequities and climate change are mitigated or we will be overrun by changes beyond our control.  The Town’s long term plan seems to be hoping that state housing mandates go away and it has not taken up planning to make the town center more pedestrian, bike and equestrian friendly.

I am a lifelong Woodside resident, an architect, bicyclist and gardener.

I have participated in Woodside planning since 1975, as a Planning Commissioner, member of the Architectural Site Review Committee, Trail Committee, Bicycle Committee, and several Town Center Committees.

I chaired the committee which developed the design of Town Hall and the adjacent Town Center Parking District.

I have been on committees which guided building the Woodside School Library, Gym and upper school classrooms.

My wife Thalia and I are the architects of the Woodside Community Museum and many new houses and remodels in Town.

The Town’s character is imperiled because the Town has failed to plan for changes occurring over decades.

ca 1870 classrooms moved and adapted to School Library.   EHDD Architects

1886 Independence Hall moved and restored.  1990 Town Hall,  EHDD Architects


Congresswoman Anna Eshoo

Steve Lubin has a long history of dedication to planning in Woodside. He was instrumental in building Town Hall and its parking. He has contributed to public projects over the decades and has a vision for the future of the Town.  At this critical time Steve's planning expertise is a great asset for the Town.

San Mateo County Democratic Party

Nancy Reyerig,  President, San Mateo County Harbor District.

Former Chair ASRB, Former Chair Woodside Open Space Committee, Former President Stanford Professional Women, Recipient Woodside Environmental Champion

"Steve Lubin is the only candidate running for District 3 whose lifelong experience in Woodside and whose career as an architect give him a unique perspective and skill set to guide our town during the challenges we are now facing. Chief among these challenges are the top down housing directives mandated by the state that threaten urban wildland interfaces like Woodside.

Steve is an experienced public servant, is thoughtful and creative, and he does his homework. Now more than ever we need town leaders like Steve Lubin."

Jack Matthews, former Mayor of San Mateo

“Hi Steve,  Good luck on your run for office. You surely have the experience required. As you say in your literature, the head in the sand approach will not work. Woodside was the butt of jokes over the attempt to declare it a mountain lion habitat. The best way forward is to look forward and address our future needs. I don’t know if using my name in your support will help you but feel free to use it. I was mayor of San Mateo twice.

Thanks for entering the race. We need more architects in government.

 Bill Davidow        Sonja Davidow 

"You have my vote, as I think Woodside needs the help of experienced members of the Community. Your history and dedicated follow-up on issues in the Community has been invaluable over the years."

Barbara Wood          Dan Fitzpatrick

Tom Werbe

Jennifer Werbe, former ASRB & History Committee

“Tom and I are definitely supporting your campaign!  Good luck!!!”

Jim Nance       Patty Nance, fourth generation Woodsider

You Go, Steve!

          Frank Rosenblum, Circulation Committee

Gretchen Tenenbaum, History Committee

Rob Flint, Woodside Community Foundation

Susan Flint

“Go Steve. Susan and Rob Flint”

Donna Howe, Environment Committee

Tom Johnson, Arts & Culture Committee (First Fridays)

Millo Fenzi, Circulation Committee, Safe Routes to School

Maggie Mah, Trails Committee, former ASRB

"Steve Lubin is dedicated to this town and truly knows what it will take to maintain the quality of life we all enjoy at a time of unprecedented change.  Steve has no hidden agendas—he truly wants what is best for this town and knows how to accomplish it. Over the years, many of us who know him have tried to get Steve to run for public office.  The fact that he has now decided to run is an accurate indicator of just how bad things have become. He is honest, knowledgeable, hardworking and very, very smart. What more could we ask for?”


Lisha Mainz, History Committee

Iris Reed             Robert Hall        Sharon Hall

Marna Page          Bob Page, long time Circulation Committee, former Planning Commissioner

“I am glad you are running for the Council. You would bring a rich historical perspective as well as a planning viewpoint.”

Chris Romano  North Cañada Road Tree Project

Elaine Salinger,  San Mateo County Climate Activist

Mustapha Id Boubrik         Fateha Id BoubrikLadera Patisserie

  Alexia Moore         Dr. Bradley Graw        

Grif Rosser         Jeff Poetsch, Geezi

Craig Davis,, Founder

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