Planning for a user-friendly Town Center

During my lifetime the town center has changed considerably and it will continue to do so.

The addition of vast expanses of unneeded asphalt to Woodside Road, imposed by Caltrans while Woodside resisted the routing of I-280 was particularly disruptive.

The recent Measure A election split the Town between those who want outdoor gathering and those who want to limit changes.  Change is coming.  We should have a Town Center Plan that can shape these changes.  We can have a user friendly center, improved circulation and adequate parking if we engage in thoughtful planning.

I have been a member of several Town Center Committees.  Every committee agreed town center should be more pedestrian friendly.  Recent Councils have not taken serious steps to plan for the town center's future.

Traffic has increased far more than the population has increased.  More traffic, not more people, has decreased our quality of life.  Traffic volume is directly related to sprawl and auto dependence.  We should find ways to replace auto trips with trips by other means.  Increased housing density should occur close to town center where increased driving will be minimized.

The Town Center can be a great place for all if we limit growth of auto traffic and make a friendly, attractive environment. Thoughtfully designed changes to parking and roads, especially the Cañada Road/Woodside Road intersection can make the town center more pleasant and functional.  It is time to start a public discussion of these issues.

Changing the design of Town Center roads could make it safer for all users;

If you have 15 minutes, here is a story of how Poynton, England transformed its center by rethinking the role of cars:  Poynton isn't Woodside, but we are overdue for re-imagining our town center.

Funding is available for this kind of project:

If elected, I will promote planning for a more user friendly, less congested town center.

Woodside Town Center EHDDajpgEHDD Architect's 1989 plan for Town Hall/Town Center.  The parking near Town Hall is based on my sketch which I presented in reaction to an engineer's drawing proposing an all asphalt lot with multiple straight rows of parking and no green space.