Bus Service to Woodside

We all complain about traffic in town but in reality we are the traffic.
Our daily decisions and long term planning decisions increase or diminish traffic.

We can cause more traffic by planning for housing away from workplaces and shopping or we can diminish it by making places for people to live within walking distance.

We can have more people walking or riding bikes to school or a town meeting by eliminating the conditions which make people fearful.

We can also provided more options for getting to transit.  When we go to San Francisco, Thalia and I often drive to Colma BART Station and BART into The City.  What if we could take the bus to the train?

It turns out that SamTrans runs bus service to Woodside every half hour during the day.  Who knew!  However the service uses I-280 rather than Cañada Road to go from Cañada College to Woodside Road.  We can talk with SamTrans and see how to modify this route and make it useful to those who live or work near Woodside Town Center.

Lets think about it.

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